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Embedded Product Development & Solution

In the fast moving technological world, each company is now looking for ways to improve the quality and standard of their products and services. Merging the software and electronics solutions in the mechanical product to improve its productivity is common but at the same time, it presents a lot of challenges to the company.

In the current scenario, manufacturers across the globe are optimally using software and electronics in their mechanical products to design a dynamic product which can simplify the lives of the people. But, this process is not as easy as it appears. The synchronization of different software and electronics at various stages of product life cycle is a challenging process and requires proficient technical skills and knowledge.

Bytesplay perspective:

At Bytesplay we understand the importance of a perfect and smooth running system. We know that the products that are manufactured today use state of the art technology and functions via software, for example, all the automobiles company are using advanced safety system in their products , automatic control, speed detection, and service diagnostic etc. Many of the home appliances are embedded with feature of energy saving and other automated features, auto updating of systems, intelligent traffic control etc. are just a few to quote; there are myriads of products that are software driven and all this require proper integration of software in the product life cycle. Bytesplay understands this fact and hence, we have a special vertical that looks after embedded products. This vertical aims at creating products and devices that work in sync with software and the output are based on real time making it more efficient and effective.

Developing this kind of embedded products is not everyone’s cup of tea but at Bytesplay, we have skilled professionals who are proficient in handling this kind of work. Such kind of work requires multi-disciplinary designs, enhanced product data and information which can be used to synchronize on real-time and we excel at it.

How can we help you?

•    We take the complete onus of the development of the product. From scratch till its completion and we work on it for its smooth functioning.

•    The GRIC or the Growth Research and Innovation Center of Bytesplay corroborates to the development of a product which is free of glitches .Moreover, having an in-house research center helps us save a lot of time, energy and cost which helps us deliver cost-effective products.

Quick Bites

•    Global experience backed by a strong team of people who are expert in product engineering which ensures best-embedded product solutions.

•    Multi-faceted experience of employees, they are equally good at software development, hardware design, manufacturing, mechanical design and finally the after sales support.

•    Subject experts who have multi-faceted knowledge about the product life cycle and its development.

Bytesplay comprehends with the fact that embedded product solution requires optimization of product performance, ensuring synchronized working of mechanical, electrical and software subsystems , and hence, we have a dedicated team of people who leave no stone unturned to give you a product that is an epitome of excellence.

We are waiting to hear from you so that we can become a partner of your success.

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