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Embedded Linux & Windows Platform

For Bytesplay computer is life and when it comes to the development of any program which is compatible with desktop and mobiles. Our programmers work along with you on project development till the time you are happy with the deliverables.

When you decide to go ahead with an embedded project then you have a number of options to make a choice from, whether you want it to be compatible with Windows or Linux, which will give you, better results and whether the app will run seamlessly or not? But when you have Bytesplay on your side then making a decision is a no – brainer. We know what is the right step that needs to be taken based on the target device. However, sometimes it becomes too difficult to make choice of operating system, whether it should be Windows or Linux. So, Bytesplay should be your next step. We have a skilled team of engineers and software developer who are proficient in their knowledge about different operating systems. They will help you take the best decision for your project. They examine the pros and cons of both Windows and Linux, post their analysis they help you take the right decision for your business.

Apart from our proficiencies our team is an expert in quality assurance and market analysis. At Bytesplay we do a 360-degree study of the project and then suggest you with which system will give you most profitable result.

Which is the best platform for you ?

The stage when you have to decide about the platform where you will be using the embedded system is critical because the mileage of both Windows and Linux may vary. For example, the proponents of Windows believe that it offers more secure and real-time results while others believe that Linux can do the same thing with right patches. The US military uses Linux embedded technology whereas the financial institution entrusts the Windows. As a client your need may vary but what should be the right option for you? Bytesplay helps you in making this decision without any glitches. Our R&D team does the complete analysis of the project and then come up with the choice of right platform that will be secure, fast moving and works in real time.

Byteplay Tech Connect

Bytesplay connects with the technology is commendable. Research driven development in inherent and forms the DNA of our organization, with the global experience of handling multifaceted client and their requirements have made us stand in a position where we can give you the best answer for your queries. Our technology is based on the state of the art development happening in this domain and costs effective too. We don’t believe in creating a bulk of clients rather having quality is our first priority.

When you make a choice of using Bytesplay Embedded Linux/Windows services then be rest assured that you have come to the right place. Our team will meticulously analyze your projects, its strength, and weakness and then suggest you with an option that will make it work like a pro. We are waiting to hear from you.

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