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Group Research and Innovation Centre (GRIC)

The brainchild of Dr.Bikramjit Singh Kaura is an innovative step in the direction of developing future technology which will be a pioneer in its domain. The team of Bytesplay continuously works on improving technology and introducing new methodologies every time. The sole objective of coming up with such a research base is to walk along with the pace of changing technological development and equipping the  employees with all the training that is required to make them stand above the crowd.

Let us take you through the pointers that will clarify our purpose of establishing a research-based center in-house:

  1. Training of employee is very important; it prepares them to stand as an irreplaceable competition in the market
  2. Ensuring timely introduction of new technology and updating the old one so that we are running ahead of time
  3. We work continuously to introduce Business Process Evolution to reduce the productivity gap, increase synchronization with the latest development so that we give the best result and emerge as efficient business partners
  4. Solution Innovation is another pillar of GRIC which also forms the base of our organization. The in-house laboratory works on a principal to create products runs on toughest technologies seamlessly making our products highly appreciated and in demand.

Our innovation-driven technology has helped us come out as shining stars, our ability to offer you myriad of products has made us different from the league of commoners. Our product range includes: Variable Messaging Services, automation services, ticker tape, intelligent traffic management system, software development, turnkey projects, automation devices or displays required in road and railways system etc.