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CEO’s Desk

Innovation driven technology is the next big thing. Innovation may hold a different meaning for different people, for some it may be thinking out of the box and for some it may be coming up with a new idea. Basically, anything that expands the horizon of thinking contributes to innovation.

Bytesplay was established with a motive to come up with products and services that are based on pioneering technologies. As a CEO, I always thrust upon the fact that technology is very dynamic in nature and is ought to changes as the time passes by. So, in order to survive in this competitive world Bytesplay has taken an initiative to establish an in-house training and research center.

This research center has enabled us to come up with some unique products that are not only efficient but also demand less maintenance, making our company and our products stand at par excellence when compared with others in  the league. Whether it is traffic management system or having LED, LCD display or automation system and security, excellence come as a second name to Bytesplay’s range of products.

As a CEO, my journey in this company has been incredible and I feel overwhelmed with the fact that as we are moving ahead on the road to success, we are creating new success stories at each step which would have never been possible without the support of our clients and employees.