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Bytesplay follows a system in which the management creates the module and plans out the processes and the system of production. In our system, the manager’s role is central but has varied responsibilities within the organization. The management is responsible for planning, staffing, organizing, supervising, leading, monitoring and motivating from time to time. These functions help our management to keep a tab on all the processes going on in the organization and to create strategies to enhance the operations and improve the outputs.

We have three level of management to perform these functions. The top-level managers include the board of directors, CEO, President and other similar positions. The middle-level managers consist of the General Managers, branch managers and various department managers. The primary-level managers include the operations managers, supervisors and other directing and controlling staffs.

This management team is responsible for planning and directing the complete organization and finding out ways to improve the production within the company and bring in more business for the company from outside. They are also responsible for bringing out good name for the company by various other methods.