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Health and Safety Policy

Bytesplay believes in creating a healthy environment at the workplace because we believe that healthy place means a healthy body and a healthy body mean a happy soul. Hence, it has always been our priority to make our working environment safe, accident-free and hazard-free.

We have ensured that all our employees whether at senior management or at the fresher level is engaged in health and safety programs. Bytesplay believes in practicing not preaching, we do what we say. We lead by examples, hence, Bytesplay have never compromised on the health factors and have a proven track record of:

  • Organizing health check-up camps.
  • Yearly medical examination of employees forms the due course of action for anyone who is associated with us.
  • The establishment of a compliance cell which addresses the issues faced by the employees.
  • Assessing the root cause of any mishap if happens or any grievance that an employee holds is nipped at the budding stage so that we are able to nurture happy souls who will help the company grow.

Each and every employee of Bytesplay is our asset that we would love to handle with care; hence, their safety and health are our topmost priority.