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Real Time Operating System

Bytesplay group of companies has been working arduously to provide the quality software solutions for deeply embedded applications. The future holds a lot of promise for technology based on Real Time Operating System. Our rigorous research in the market has reflected that Bytesplay’s future looks bright. The company has the best quality, no-royalty, source-code RTOS solutions has paid off well. Hence, our GRIC vertical has decided to continue the research in Real Time Operating System to produce better results.

Real Time Operating System finds a myriad of uses in every field, whether it is Intelligent Traffic Control System or Automation System at tolls or railways, RTOS have simplified lives and enhanced smooth functioning of various systems. The crux of the matter is that RTOS is the call of the future and Bytesplay comprehends with this fact.

Bytesplay would like to help you understand RTOS system and why it’s important to have it:

RTOS or Real Time Operating System is a multitasking operating system which has been designed for real-time working on task or system. Such applications include embedded systems like cell phone network, Wi-Fi routers, MP3 players, gaming consoles, automated blood pressure reader, guiding systems of missiles, locomotives for automobiles, trains and roads, industrial robots and scientific research equipments, etc. These are just a few examples but RTOS has found application in all aspects of our lives and has also transformed our way of working.

With the increased application of RTOS, it becomes important for companies to work on this technology and come up with the products that ensure seamless flow of work. Although RTOS is a self-sufficed operating system, yet it requires the assistance of software and development to ensure it functioning in real time.

What’s New with Bytesplay RTOS?

Bytesplay has an in-house research center that is persistently working to innovate new products that could simplify life. We at Bytesplay have utilized the RTOS to develop new products. Moreover, with the help of our software development team, we have ensured that all our products work in real time with minimal time lag. This has made our products stand ahead of other such products in the market. We don’t believe in being a commoner and the same can be seen in our range of products, whether it is our display system or automation system or ticker tape or visual messaging system; everything uses state of the art technology and has been developed on Real Time Operating System platform which makes the usage of our products easy and comfortable. Moreover, most of the products have been developed in a manner which can be easily used by a novice without any problem.

In the past one decade, the competition in this field has increased which has also opened many avenues of work and opportunity. RTOS works in real time and for real work. So, any delay or glitches can result in huge loss.  Hence, one must always trust a company that gives you the best working experience with minimal time lag; Here you can entrust us with even the smallest of your requirement and we will give you products that are par excellence. The future is here, browse through our website or get connected with us so that we can help you with a technology that will make your embedded product a success.


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