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Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of things is the most talked about topic in both personal and professional world. We have people around discussing a lot on this subject. The IOT has gained popularity in the workplace. As more and more processes are becoming technology driven, the IOT is continuously becoming utmost important for many organizations.

Cloud computing and data collecting sensors corroborates IOT. The fast penetration of the internet and smartphones in our lives has spurred the wind of Internet of Things. It is believed that the future of IOT is promising as more and more enterprises are jumping in the pool of developing programs, software and devices that run on IOT.

The IOT is all about the connection between sensors and machines. Cloud-based applications are the key to using leveraged data. The connection of gathering data and leveraging forms the real essence of Internet of things. The IOT doesn’t work without cloud-based applications; these applications interpret and transmit the data coming from various sources.

Futuristic Bytesplay

Bytesplay had felt the buzz of IOT long back and since the time of our inception till date we have made continuous efforts to make our technology and products revolve around it. The development of GRIC, an in-house research center is our proactive initiative to understand the need of the hour and develop products and services accordingly.

Whether it’s our range of products like displays, ticker tapes, VMSs, security system etc. or our service division which works on development of programs and software development etc.; everything is ahead of its time and has been developed to meet the challenges of the future

Not only this, our team is continuously trained on the technologies and other development happening in this domain which has helped us in creating a pool of talent where you will find a solution for every requirement of yours.

Bytesplay believes that IOT is going to impact the future in a myriad of ways, whether its transportation system, smart cities are all the foundation stones of the coming days. IOT has opened the door for many opportunities and has paved the way for a better future. Most of the companies are now turning their heads towards Internet of things. It is believed that by 2020, around 50 million objects will be connected via the internet.

Why Us?

At Bytesplay, the unconnected and disconnected gets connected; security is not something that you should worry about when you are with us. When we talk about Internet Of Things, the security is a very important question but with Bytesplay’s name on it, you can rely on it without a second thought. Bytesplay provides industry specific solutions which helps you to  improve the productivity and efficiency.

Bytesplay is all set to lay the foundation stones for the IOT of tomorrow and we are waiting for the enterprises which are proactively looking to come up with the solutions that will change the way these systems used to function. You are just Bytesplay away from creating an immaculate impact on the market.

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