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Osg Introduces Onboard Screenex Embedded Glass Screens

Earlier, we use traditional big and heavy systems in public places, these devices are very difficult to handle because they are big in size, heavy and it is not easy to install them. But nowadays, Due to advancement in technology and innovation, engineers develop ScreeneX devices. Screenex is a Passenger information system of on board and off the board. You can use it for various purposes like for entertainment, commercial advertisements, information related to railways and much more. It makes the life easy and convenient to the public.

OSG (Oran safety glass) is World leader in ScreeneX manufacturing; they provide high-quality products at very reasonable prices. They make the right solution for your problem. They create special glass solutions for rail, heavy engineering and for transporting applications used worldwide. They also made these glasses for Volvo, Liebherr, and for Evobus. These special glasses are mostly used in high-speed trains such as Talgo, Alstom, Siemens and many others.

The Screenex is a device consists of two parts: a window screen and electronic control unit. These two parts are connected via a communication cable. The window screen is used to display output. They also offer HD, LCD based PIS that are mainly designed to work in bad weather condition with no maintenance required. It is an IGU with smooth and clear as glass. These devices are mainly used in train, airplane etc.

Features and Benefits of ScreeneX:

  • ScreeneX better utilizes the existing glass area or a portion of the window. These devices are very small in size and easy to install as compared to tradition Systems.
  • Such devices are very light in weight as compare to traditional.
  • No external mount is required to install such devices.
  • These devices can work on any operating systems like Windows, Android, Linux, Mac OS etc.
  • Screenex is flexible, these devices connect to any network or passenger information system including media, communication etc.
  • These devices are made up of high-quality material so, it can work for a long time.
  • All these products are well tested, durable, and protect the screen against serious damages.
  • It requires no/low maintenance because there is no moving part in these systems and works for many years.
  • These devices are portable and small in size; one can install these devices on Buses, Trains, Trams/LRV, and Subways.
  • These Screenex devices are made with rubber and polyurethane so, it helps to reduce noise from the air.


There are lots of screen manufacturers are available in the market right now. But it is very difficult to choose best of them, OSG is one of them. OSG is founded in 1979, they are world best ScreeneX manufacturers because their products are made of high-quality raw material and work for many years. There research and development team is highly-qualified and focusing on unique designs according to the future generation. You can avail these devices from them at very affordable prices i.e. its suits every pocket.

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